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I have lived in the Chancellor District of Spotsylvania since 1998 and love it here. My children attended Spotsylvania County Schools from kindergarten at Wilderness Elementary, through middle school at Ni River, then continuing through and graduating from Riverbend. Since graduating from Riverbend, my son earned his Bachelor's Degree from James Madison University, and my daughter is a senior at the University of Florida.


I earned both my Bachelor of Arts and Master’s Degrees in Special Education from the University of Florida. I am a special education teacher who works to support behaviorally challenged students in Fredericksburg City.  I was a teacher at Ni River Middle School, in Spotsylvania County, but per Virginia law, I had to resign upon being elected. I have also taught in the states of Mississippi and Florida. Throughout my career, I have taught kindergarten through 12th grade and many subjects. As the only current educator serving on the board, I often draw upon my years of classroom experience when making decisions that affect our students.

I have firsthand knowledge of the current educational challenges facing our students, staff, families, and our schools; I live it everyday. I know what the reliance on federally and state mandated tests has done to accountability and the toll it takes on staff and students. I have worked with federal and state legislators to change their views of the reliance on testing and the challenges it places on our students and schools, as well as the funding that is allocated to our schools. I work continuously with division administration, school staff, parents, and students to support the needs of our students and staff. I know and understand the sacrifices the teachers and staff make so that our students thrive in school and beyond.

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